Birthday Break!

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Here’s just a quick entry today, as I’m preparing to meet friends to celebrate the anniversary of my hatching from a dragon’s egg. That is–my birthday.


Master Nick Roberts


If you’d really really like to
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The Show Must Go On, If Not One Way, Then Another

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Master_Nick-naughty-nurse-1 Sometimes when you don’t get what you want, whatever waits just around the bend is even better, though it takes twice as much persistence to attain it. I may have mentioned this before, but in the never-ending struggle to achieve the next goal and the next, it can be easy to forget. None the less, circumstance keeps presenting reminders.

 Case in point, the most recent Bodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue. For a show called “Naughty Nocturnes,” I wanted to croon a medley of songs from the 30’s and 40’s which would fit the theme. Alas, Continue reading

Burlesque to bring out the beast in you!

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The Bodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue is proud to present
Master_Nick-bbbr-menagerieMalevolent Menagerie:
An Animalia Extravaganza!

There’ll be singing!
There’ll be dancing!
There’ll be comedy!
And most importantly, there’ll be STRIPTEASE!

★ Special Burlesque Guest Mone’t Ha Sidi of Jezebelle’s Army & Amber’s Sweets ★
★ Comedian Robert Berry ★
★ Raven LaRoux ★ Sugar Cheeks ★ Belle Du Jour ★ Georgette Von Gorejuss ★ Electra Heart ★ Jenna Jezebel ★ Batty Brulee ★ Libertine the Obscene ★ Dahlia D’Vine ★ Penny Weiss ★ Veriti Von Blu ★ Dulcinea Discordia ★
★ The return of Canaire Can-Can ★
★ The debut of Baby Grand ★
The Art of Master Nick, including Continue reading

Farewell Angel Kitty, Marvelous Model and Bodacious Dancer

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Master_Nick-JabberwockittyBodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue dancer and model Angel Kitty is returning to the land from whence she came. I was privileged to have her pose for my camera and canvas, and to appear on stage with her in several acts.

Last night, she played naughty nurse to my madman, a mental patient with monsters both on the mind and in it. While the Nurse/Kitty danced, I recited rhymes lines which tie in with my next book of horrific fiction. Continue reading

Burlesque Naughty Nocturnes TONIGHT at Witch Room!

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Master_Nick-bbbr-Naughty4webThe Bodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue brings you “Naughty Nocturnes” featuring special guest Bunny Pistol, comedian Diana Hong, a raffle, The Art of Master Nick, and the farewell performance of Angel Kitty! 

For one particularly insane and naughty number, Angel Kitty and I will take the stage together. She and I are also featured in an art print you may procure as a souvenir! 

I’ll likewise have prints featu
ring the Bodacious Bombshells founder, Raven LaRoux, new 11″ x 14″ “Spanking” prints, and 

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How to interpret what she says

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No means no.

tgarden4web-master_nickOf course, “No,” should be self explanatory. (I paint images of women in bondage, and even I know to respect a no.) Yet people get this wrong all the time. In fact, “No means no,” is getting to be an old expression, specifically because so many apparently still need the lesson repeated. And it doesn’t end there. Do you know, there are a few other subtle and not so subtle cues which some still miss? For those who may need a bit of clarification, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through them. Continue reading

Criticize or Create

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What do you want to do?
Have you ever spent an hour and a half or more watching a movie only to find afterward that you wanted your time back? Have you ever thought, “My five year old could’ve done that,” regarding a painting in a gallery? Have you ever finished reading a novel not because you enjoyed it, but because you’d started to read it, and you bloody well finish what you start? Have you ever heard music that just plain irritated you?

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