Burlesque and Hipsters

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Fashion, like painting, writing, dancing and making music, is an art.

Master_Nick-BBBR-indie4webThe following solely represent the opinions of me, Master Nick, and do not reflect the views of the any burlesque troupe so far as I know.

I’ve created a great many flyers for burlesque performances. I want my flyers to convey at a glance the sort of experiences we’re hoping to provide, and perhaps be works of art in themselves. Most themes give me something to work with, at least a seed from which something specific can grow. But this is not always the case.

I stripped the flyer for last night’s show of my usual artistry, and took it down to bare essentials. Why? Because the theme was “Indecently Indie”, a tribute to Indie music. 

What is the look of indie music?  Continue reading

Indecently Indie Tuesday Night Tease TONIGHT

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The Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue brings you delicious dancing and sultry striptease set to indie music!
UPDATE! Comedian Robert Berry has just joined the lineup!

★ Raven LaRoux as your Mistress of Ceremonies
★ A bevy of bodacious bombshells, of course
PLUS peruse the unfettered fiction and explicit art of
Master Nick!
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Suppressing Imaginary Nudity: Update

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Master_Nick-Rise-AboveSwarmI recently wrote about hearing from Facebook that one of my posts had been reported for nudity. To recap the salient points, it wasn’t my post but rather a reply to my post, and there was no nudity. Still, FB went on to say, “We’ll review your post in the next few days. If we determine that it doesn’t follow our standards, it will be removed.” Since then, some FB gatekeeper has apparently imagined nudity where there was none, and removed the post.

I didn’t think censorship could become any more ludicrous, but here we are.

By the way, the artistic nude Continue reading

Nudity? What nudity?

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I’ve been spending less and less time on Facebook, in part because I’m focusing my time and energy on writing my second book, and also because Facebook is now utterly pointless. Here’s one more step on Facebook’s march ever deeper into irrelevancy.
I still log on to FB from time to time, mostly wrapping up the last of my business there and moving it all to http://www.masternick.com
Master_Nick-RecaptureToday, FB tells me that, “Someone reported your post for containing nudity.”

I hope to include a number of drawings and paintings as illustrations in my next book, and I have a great many finished and posted already. I’ve been hit repeatedly for the unflinching nature of my work. Upon receiving word of this report, my first guess was that the self-appointed morality police had once again made an arbitrary distinction between art and pornography, and decided that one of my paintings fell on the disreputable side of the line.
Still, I’d barely been on Facebook of late, so I could not guess which post had raised some stunted person’s ire. Seeking clarity, I looked back at the post in question. Continue reading

Burlesque Meets Indie Music

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INDECENTLY INDIE: A Tuesday Night Tease

On July 22nd, the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue brings you delicious dancing and sultry striptease set to indie music!
★ The ravishing Raven LaRoux shall star as your Mistress of Ceremonies with Co-emcee Libertine the Obscene!

★ ALSO STARRING: Sugar Cheeks ★ Persephone Pon Farr Belle Du Jour ★ Jenna Jezebel  ★  Bella Blue Eyes ★ Batty Brûlée ★ Penny Weiss ★ Dulcinea Discordia ★
assisted by our charming Chickadees and gorgeous Guy Fridays!

PLUS peruse the unfettered fiction and explicit art of
Master Nick!

Beer and wine available for purchase for those 21 and up! 
Which room?
Witch Room
1815 19th St. Sacramento Ca 95811
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Burlesque, Art and Fiction Fans, Take Note!

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BBBR-logo4webIn early July I was scheduled to perform amongst a bevy of beauties, exhibit art of the beautiful and bizarre, and vend my first book, all at the America Mamas show. Due to technical issues which have arisen too close to showtime to resolve, this show has been canceled.
Fear not! The Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue is going strong. We’ll have more dancing, art exhibitions and book signings this Summer!
You are cordially invited to receive updates.
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Scaredy Cat Writing Challenge

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Master_Nick-Gus_Max4everWhilst working on my second book, I managed to spell “exacerbated” correctly on the first try. For me, this is a rare and wondrous occurrence. I raised my arms in victory, perhaps even threw the metal-head devil horns, and certainly shouted, “YES!”

Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue founder Raven LaRoux brought two cute cats when she moved in to the Manor of Master Nick. Max, the smallest, cutest, fluffiest kitty is quite the fraidy cat. At my sudden noise and gesture, he scampered from the room as fast as his little kitty paws could carry him.

Poor little guy. I may Continue reading


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