Unreal vs. Surreal

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Would you like to see a neat trick?

I’m going to pull a modicum of depth out of an otherwise shallow topic.

Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian.
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Are Adult Situations Dirty?

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Master_Nick-adult-not-dirtyWhat do you think?
Are adult situations dirty?
Are mature audiences filthy minded?
Are forbidden words and taboo topics intrinsically bad?

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Way-Back Wednesday – Public Breastfeeding

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Master_Nick-breastfeeding-lippleI’ve posted this piece before, yet much of this culture is still a bit backward on a most basic topic. Let’s look at

Breastfeeding in Public

Babies named us after boobies.
What do way say when something tastes good?

What is the very first good thing we taste? Mother’s milk, direct from the breast.

What is one of the first words a baby says, especially when they want something, like nourishment from a nipple?
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A Comfy Skin for Living In

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Master_Nick-nudity-is-naturalIt’s seems absurd that one would ever have to explain this to members of a species all born naked, but nudity is natural!
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Gonzombie at the book store!

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Master_Nick-Gonzombie-displayFrom another stylish hat enthusiast – someone who used to work sound at events where I displayed art and performed on stage – I just found out that my collection of short horror stories is available at Dimple Books on
2499 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825.

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Rated PG or NC-17?

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Master_Nick-PG-succubus-artYou know what you get when you dumb things down for children?
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Art is never inappropriate!

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Master_Nick-art-cabaretWould you like to see those black blinder bars get out of your way?

Spread the word!

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