Burlesque, Painting and Poetry

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Master_Nick_Burlesque2014SeptAt the most recent Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue, ’twas my great pleasure to present a painting of BBBR founder Raven LaRoux, and introduce the wonderful woman herself playing a blackbird in the Malevolent Menagerie. I gave this presentation in the form of a poem I’d written for the occasion. Included here is a picture from the performance, the aforementioned painting, and the lyrics.


Gentlemen, ladies,
lend eyes and lend ears.
While I present creatures
who dwell in your fears.
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Sneak Peak at October Burlesque

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Master_Nick-BBBR-DevilishTroupe founder Raven and I have just returned from last night’s Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue, and we’re already preparing the next, because one can never have too much burlesque! 

Here’s a sneak peak at my latest flyer design, with info on October’s BBBR show!
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Burlesque, Comedy and Art Tonight!

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The Bodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue is proud to present
Master_Nick-bbbr_menagerieMalevolent Menagerie:
An Animalia Extravaganza!

There’ll be singing!
There’ll be dancing!
There’ll be comedy!
And most importantly, there’ll be STRIPTEASE!

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Captain Jack Sparrow and the Dread Pirate Roberts Team Up!

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Master_Nick-Roberts-PirateSeriously, wouldn’t you want to see the Princess Bride’s Dread Pirate Roberts lend a hand to the Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow?

In a way, it’s happening.
(Warning: It’s happening in a metaphorical, Ben Kenobi’s “Certain point of view” kind of way.)

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Riddle me this, Ayn Rand

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How often has someone with multiple pairs of shoes in their closet said, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” to someone who couldn’t afford boots?

Were self-made men actually spawned of their own willpower rather than conceived of sperm and egg? Were they nourished through infancy on their own sweat? By the aforementioned implausible act of pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, do they levitate everywhere rather than riding on public roads? Continue reading

September’s Last Hurrah

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Master_Nick-SOCA2014There was fine art, good music and more at yesterday’s street fair.

Here’s a pic of yours truly at the event, displaying art prints and twisted fiction!

See you next at Witch Room this Thursday as the Bodacious Bomshells Burlesque Revue brings you striptease, comedy, and of course,
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Classic Cars, Art, and Live Music TODAY!

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Master_Nick_Roberts-SOCA2014What can get this night owl out and about during the day?

The SOCA Street Fair!

Come see beautiful stained glass, photography, vintage cars from the California Auto Museum, an array of options for home improvement, plus the paintings, prints, and dark fiction of
Master Nick Roberts, and much more!

Performing will be Mike Diaz with Cheryl Martin, Julie Bruce, the Clutter Family Singers and Liz Sivell!

Saturday, September 20th, 10:AM – 4:PM

2015 K Street, Sacramento CA

The Street Fair is free, but if you have the funds and time, there’s also the Sacramento Old City Association’s Historic Home Tour!

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