You can’t do that in public!

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Master_Nick-2014oct-bluedong4I know that just glancing at this photo, it may look like I’m playing with myself.
What – Didn’t you see the other performers? I’m playing with a whole band! (Which in a way, is much more filthy. This is Continue reading

Gothic Burlesque is just one week away!

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Master_Nick-BBBR-DevilishJust in time to kick off the Halloween season,
the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue
presents Devilish Dames:
A Night of Gothic Glam
with Special Guests:
★ DJ Jetrock (of countless clubs. He’s really good, I tells ya!
★ Comedian Diana Hong (Yeah! Let’s show ‘em that Goths aren’t all doom and gloom!)
★ The dark art, horrific fiction, and dreadful singing of
Master Nick Roberts! 
Yes, Continue reading

Trumpy, you can do magic things!

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Master_Nick-2014oct-spankeesHere we see two burlesque dancers presenting their backsides for rhythmic spanking, while I, bearing a pair of paddles, stand ready just out of frame.

But this post isn’t about such shenanigans.

Uberkunst’s fearless leader Jetrock has summoned — by which I mean constructed — a demon.
Fear the demon! Fear this fabricated representation of evil! FEAR IT!
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October’s Upcoming Events

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Upcoming Events Featuring The Art of Master Nick

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Super Art vs. HatMan

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It seems that someone always gets in the way of my depravity!

Master_Nick-2014oct-bluedong1Included here are pictures fresh from the UBERKUNST performance at this year’s NorCal NoiseFest.
Here you can see one of our guest burlesque dancers wrapping herself in a chain as one might with a feathered boa. Alas, our other guest has danced almost entirely out of frame. Yet that’s not the only issue I have with this shot. Here I am banging out beats on a wooden phallus, but there’s a man in a hat in the way of the (money) shot!
There must be some kind of “cock block” joke at work here.
Of course, I’d never stoop to such crude humour, so moving on…
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Burlesque in Wonderland

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Master_Nick-Alice-rockOnce upon a time, the Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue presented We’re All Bad Here, a risque adventure through the looking-glass.
Atop unveiling a painting of a grownup Alice rockin’ out on a flamingo guitar, I also took the stage with Angel Kitty to put an adult twist on an old poem.
Here’s a link to Jabberwocky performed as a burlesque act, because it’s my business and pleasure to bring you things you never knew you needed. Continue reading

Willy Wonka and the Crass Parody

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master_nick-by-jenna-jezabelI don’t limit my work to “family friendly” fare so here’s a family unfriendly post, definitely not for the squeamish.

Years ago, I wrote some parody lyrics for “I Got A Golden Ticket” from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory.

You know that you’re morbidly curious, so I’ll share those lyrics with you.
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