War Bride of Frankenstein

At the start of the Cold War, it is believed that the mad Doctor had perished in the fall of the Reich. In fact, he has offered his extraordinary services to another world power, so he may take advantage of their resources. From parts of fresh corpses he builds super soldiers, spies, and courtesans, brainwashed and programmed to accept their servitude. Further, they are directed to facilitate the assimilation all of humanity.

Yet the spark of individuality has not been wholly extinguished. One, trained to infiltrate the ranks of an adversary, is plagued with nightmares. As if from outside herself, she looks on in terror and self loathing as the smiling puppet she has become helps to bring about horrors beyond comprehension. Some of her dream symbols contradict each other, as the militant programing clashes with her own better nature. Others coincide perversely. Whether for one side or another, for freedom or dominion, she believes that she must see and hear, while seeming oblivious, pretending to ignorance, speaking nothing of what she knows. Such is the curse of one conditioned to trust only the least trustworthy of men.

When she wakes, will she remember the dream? Will she have regained some of her own free will?

“War Bride of Frankenstein”
Acrylic on Panel, 24″ x 30″
Master Nick Roberts © 2010

To acquire this painting, contact me.

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