Vampire Ball Pre Party – True Blood, Lost Boys + Vampirella 9/17/01

Saturday 9:PM At Shenanigans (Downstairs) 705 J. Street, Sacramento, the Vampires will come out of the coffin, and join DJ, David V. (Club Circuitry, Asylum) in this underground party! Just $5. 21+

There’ll be a Contest for Best Costume Related to: True Blood, The Lost Boys or Vampirella. Prizes, tickets to the Vampire Ball, + bloody good fun to be had by all creatures of the night!

They’ll be serving up a delicious dessert – because you deserve something free, don’t you?

Downstairs and there is an incredible, modern, underground club with beds, a shadow box for sexy dancers, full bar, lounge areas, dance floor and pure Vampire VIP class. It’s a must see!

And what spooky event would be complete without
The Art of Master Nick?
Come on down to the Vampire Ball Pre Party and sink your teeth into some serious underground, sexy fun. 

Then mark your calendar and get yourself ready for the event of the Halloween Season – The 3rd Annual Vampire Ball on October 22nd at the Crescent Club Speakeasy! 

Above info courtesy Shannon “Ms. Macabre” McCabe
“Embrace the Time” art by Master Nick

^v^ ^v^ ^v^

On the very next day, Sunday, September 18, the Master will be slathering on sun screen and donning a wide brimmed hat for an outdoor daylight event! 

The 36th Annual Historic Home Tour

For more info, visit 

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