“Cutter” Painting Commission and “A Mind Unglued” Lyrics

A Mind Unglued
I hear of a place, 
with something in the water 
that balances out the moods. 
Without the subtle 
signs of disorder, 
How would I know who to choose?
I’m no masochist,
but I’m starting to wonder
why my heart puts my neck in a noose.
 I tell myself,
“Not one more cutter,”
but scars don’t show ’till we’re nude.
I don’t blame you 
for slipping off your rocker. 
You were pushed, if your stories are true- 
But it’s all I can do 
to keep my head together, 
and I can’t do the same for you.
I misread signs, 
saw strength in your anger, 
should’ve guessed what the pattern would prove. 
Why must I learn 
over and over-  
Can’t reason with a mind unglued.
“A Mind Unglued” Lyrics Master Nick Roberts © 2008
“Cutter” Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ Panel,
Contact Master Nick for prints

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