The End of the World

Gather ’round and pay careful heed. The end of 2011 is nigh upon us. 2012 looms ahead. You’ve no doubt heard that the Mayan calendar is coming to an end. Religious leaders speak to us of Armageddon. Many believe that Apocalypse is close at hand. Ominous prophecies abound, warning of dangers from black holes to asteroid collision, fires to floods, to the rise of the Antichrist. Will this be the year that the very world ends? 
Of course not. 
So tune in again tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
right through this coming year and into the year after!

One Response to “The End of the World”

  1. The Mayan calendar ends on purpose, yes, but not to predict the end of the world. Ends (according to scientific studies) due to their civilization ending, which really has nothing to do with ours, yet we can learn from their misfortunes. All this 2012 propaganda does make an interesting read, though only media hype to gain money. I read a deeply intriguing article, actually. Stating that all this talk of the world ending is societies way of escaping what we hate, what we are wishing to change. I believe that to be true- we all wish for a clean slate.

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