The Sadistic Sideshow of Ringmaster Roberts – Teaser

“Step right up now! Don’t be slow! 
Welcome to the Sadistic Sideshow, 
of the RingMaster, the Maestro! 
Step right up! Now here were go!” 
Excerpt from “Step Right Up” 
Master Nick Roberts © 2011 
Someone’s in for a buggy whipping, 
and here’s why! 

“You needn’t tell me to step right up! I’m the bloody Ringmaster!” 

“Huh. The Flying Graysons are falling to their death. I suppose it’s too late to bill them as ‘The Falling Graysons.’ Still, that’s pretty spectacular. Too bad they can only do it once.” 

My sinful subscribers, this is but a sample of the upcoming resurrection of The Sadistic Sideshow! An entirely new troupe is being assembled for your viewing pleasure. Tune in tomorrow for more twisted entertainments!
Set design and painting by Master Nick
To commission a painting or book a performance, contact: 
Ringmaster Roberts is played by Master Nick
(There is nothing confusing about that!) 
The Master’s able assistant was played here 
by the lovely Laura Bee 
Laura Bee’s hair accessory by Corset of Eden 
Photographed by 9000k 

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