I Am Jill’s Shattered Memories

For my sinful subscribers, who’ve waited 
so patiently, and my first time visitors, 
knowing not what they’ll see, 
here is the marvelous muse and model 
Artemis, in a shoot inspired by 
Helena Bonham Carter’s 
character Marla in “Fight Club!” 
“Breaking Loose”

“High Eye View”

“Silent Jill”
Why silent? 
Because you do not talk about Fight Club! 
In sooth, this pose reminded me 
of something from 
“Silent Hill”  
Fight Club / Silent Hill crossover fan fic in 3… 2… 
Photography and Catwoman paintings by 
Master Nick, available for your collection! 
Contact, Like, and Share on Facebook! 
To hire the marvelous model 
Artemis, contact her at Model Mayhem! 
Please punch in tomorrow, my sinful subscribers, 
for more of my muse, posing in pirate pics! 

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