I’d show you my wings if I wasn’t so shy.

I had a fine night displaying my prints and pendants at Club Circuitry, and am looking forward to another swell show, and a great deal of dancing at Darkness tonight!
Details on that event can be found below.
In the meantime, here’s a sample from
my art archives. ‘Twas inspired by one
of the cutest things ever said to me,
“I’d show you my wings, if I wasn’t so shy.”
Master Nick Roberts
Art fresh, classic, and all eras between will be featured tonight, January 21st at Darkness!
DJs Dark Star and Missy spin Old School Goth, Industrial, Witch Wave, New Synth
21+ • 5$ • 9:30 PM @ Old Ironsides, 1901 Tenth Street, Sacramento, CA

I’d like to say, “See you Sunday,” my sinful subscribers, but these late Saturday night shows set my schedule to sleeping through that slice of the weekend. ‘Tis more likely that we’ll meet again on Monday. ‘Till then…

One Response to “I’d show you my wings if I wasn’t so shy.”

  1. I just love that inspirational story! So cute, yet sparks an epiphany that far too many humans are shy when freedom is knocking at the door. Too shy to take that leap into the seemingly unknown depth of adventure. Still love that sweet piece.

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