Sadistic Sideshow: Twins Entwined in Slithering Serpent

Welcome back to the Sadistic Sideshow!
 Ladies and gentlemen, let us leave the boys and girls safe at home for tonight’s entertainment! We’ve pitched this tent to proudly present a pretty pair of snake charmers!
 They may be clad in little more than Eve was when seduced by the serpent, yet as scales slide over their fine flesh, they feel no fear of fang! This tantalizing twosome has volunteered to be bound, at the mercy of Master and serpent alike for your amusement!
 Incidentally, what of the furry feline, grinning like a Cheshire Cat visiting from Wonderland? The beaming maw seems to mean some mischief…
Acrylic on 24″ x 30″ Panel
Master Nick Roberts © 2010
This painting, print, and a plethora of others are available!

One Response to “Sadistic Sideshow: Twins Entwined in Slithering Serpent”

  1. When I first studied this fine piece, I instantly thought of a fetish and erotica version of Eve. You’ve re-created such a sad tale, and not only made it your own but advocated the freedom of sexuality and pleasure! =)

    Have always wanted to model with a snake, or any wild animal for that matter! They were lucky!

    ‘Tis cute that you painted one of your kitties (or at least looks like your cat to me) in the Circus piece, gives a personal and whimsical touch. Provokes the imagination into a circus wonderland, just as all your pieces evoke insights of deeper magnitude and appreciation of the arts!

    The deep red and black circus tent emits the appearance of a heart!

    Your Muse

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