The Sleeper’s Midnight Snack

  Sometimes synchronicity is just a coincidence. Actually, I suspect that’s always the case, but it can still be kind of neat.
  This week, Woody Allen’s “Sleeper,” one of my all time favorite comedies, arrived in my snail-mailbox. Also this week, notice of an upcoming art “show of work inspired by food & drink” arrived in my email inbox. Still also this week, a petition about the ills of genetically modified foods arrived in my FaceBook home feed. The connection, however tenuous, is a scene from “Sleeper” wherein Woody’s character, part owner of the “Happy Carrot Health Food Restaurant” back in the 1970’s, finds himself on the run in the distant future, and has to steal giant, presumably genetically modified foods. Just before he can make his escape, he’s spotted by a farmer tending a giant chicken, and fears being pecked to death. I was inspired to depict the over-sized fowl giving chase in an attempt to do just that. Though my art usually features sex, and monsters, and sexy monsters, these GMO’s are monstrous enough to spark my imagination. It looks like I have an entry to the show!
  On that happy note, enjoy your happy carrot, or happy banana, or what have you.
“The Sleeper’s Midnight Snack”
12″ x 10″ Pen and Ink on Illustration Board
Master Nick Roberts © 2001
Don’t sleep through tomorrow, my steadfast subscribers, for there’s more art to come!

2 Responses to “The Sleeper’s Midnight Snack”

  1. That is my wicked master! xoxo

    Your art and loving-heart attracted these seemingly inter-connected stream of events for your benefit, for our benefit, and the worlds benefit!

    I immutably believe that, with this piece, you and I can truly awaken the world from GMO’s!


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