Card for the Greedy: Go to Hell – Go Directly to Hell

  I don’t mind at all someone making a fortune, except when they step on people to do it.
  Likewise, I don’t truly wish eternal torment upon anyone– (partially because Hell is imaginary, and mostly because such self-righteous ill wishes are the domain of good monotheists.) So when I say, to the most ruthless of the wealthiest 1%, “Go to Hell,” I’m really blowing off steam. I would rather see substantial legal repercussions for acts of predatory greed.
“Greed (Go To Hell. Go Directly To Hell.”
14″ x 11″ Acyrlic
Master Nick Roberts @ 2002
  By the way, I’m pleased to say that this art was one of many works I’ve had published in The Comic Press News!
  Do come again, my sinful subscribers, for more twisted visions!

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