How much for a pound?

 I usually give my models a disk of the shots for which they’ve posed. Unfortunately, the DVD drive in my Mac tower is dying, and the one in the used MacBook I bought last year turned out to be in similar shoddy shape. Whilst looking up what a replacement drive might set me back, Google’s autofill was on an entirely different track.
  Just in case the picture’s not showing up for you, I’ll mention here that it’s a screenshot of unsolicited queries regarding the price of a pound of weed. Still, the crux of the matter is that I don’t want to forget my troubles, so much as actually fix the problem.

 So, if anyone would like to add some art to their collection, I can assure you that the proceeds would most likely go to computer equipment used in my work. Alas, such hardware does not grow naturally from the ground.

                    Master Nick Roberts


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