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As if often the case with me, you’re certain to learn more than you wanted to know.

Angelize Photography

Round two with my photograph/interview project! After posting about this project I am now doing, I was contacted about the amazing Sacramento artist, Nick Roberts! I was completely stoked! I have seen him and his art in many places locally. I believe my first encounter with this most mysterious man was at Trash Film Orgy’s 2010 Zombie Walk, where there was a Spanking Booth set up at Crest Theatre. Darkness and mystery always equal curiosity for me, so I was very excited to do the interview and learn more about what’s behind the amazing artwork he creates. He invited me over to snap a few pictures. I was fascinated to see all the art at his house and how it all reflected him. Very dark and debonair…
Interview with Master Nick

I would love to learn more about how your life of art begin. How old were you when…

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