Eye of Artist, Blush of Flesh, Pigment of Passion: How to Push the Paint

  Night by night, the Bondage in Burgundy series expands! I’ve recently finished one titled “More Than Ready” and have moved on to “Birth of Venus” but inspiration comes faster than the hands can move! I always have several paintings in the works concurrently, set up on every easel and drawing table around my creatorium. (“Creatorium” is my own name for the chamber in which I conjure most of my creations.) If I get on my brush more of a shade than I can use on a particular painting, I clean the brush by applying that pigment to the next artwork over. Put that paint on the canvas, where it belongs! Other pieces, tentatively titled “20 Lashes” and “The Cabaret of Doctor Frankenstein” have thus received attention this evening. I’m producing more kink art than you could shake a whip at!

  Keep watching this space for news of coming unveilings!

2012 © Master Nick Roberts 
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