Art Vs. Entropy

These have been times of great contrast, with dizzying highs and crushing lows.

On the downside, there’s been a freak accident threatening to leave me stranded, unexpected expenses eating up any margin for error, and shattering heartbreak, just to name a few. All this is counterbalanced by an explosive artistic productivity that makes my entire prior body of work look like the meandering scribbles of an apathetic slacker. (In sooth, my previous work was likewise painstakingly detailed, and group shows have long been a squeeze for me, but now, I’d be hard-pressed to find a venue that could carry it all!)

In a way, this past evening was the microcosmic version of how the entire Summer has gone, with highs to elevate the spirit, and lows to drag it down to the nether regions.

I displayed my artwork at Club Blitz. As usual, DJs Roderick, Jules, and Dire Delorean spun sensational sets. I danced to exhaustion, then kept right on dancing, ’cause the music mix would permit nothing less. The original audio artists, and the jockeys who spun their disks, all worked their magic wonderfully.

That was a taste of the upside.

Then, from across the darkened club, I spotted someone who looked familiar– An old fried. “Oh, hey! There’s–” I thought, before remembering that said friend was long dead. In the dim and flashing lights, the person I saw last night only looked like him for a moment, just long enough to get my hopes up, before dashing them once again upon the jagged rocks of what we call reality.

Perhaps perception’s little bait-and-switch set my mind in a particular path, because I experienced it again not an hour later. I pulled my chair out from my art table, and thought that it felt a little heavier than it ought. It turned out to bear a bag of my gear. Still, I was reminded of pulling a similar chair out from under the dining table at home, and discovering that it was weighed down a bit by one of my pampered house cats. The kitty that leapt to mind was one that passed on a couple years ago.

This was not the last heartbreak that the evening would call to mind, but the down side has had more than enough power already.

On the upside, several showed their appreciation for my artwork in the most favorable and important of ways: They bought art. After a long dry spell, I was thrilled that I’d be able to buy groceries with my work. (While “starving artist” is an unfortunately common saying, it must become clear that nothing can be created without fuel. Here’s to those that feed the art!)

To sum up the night, the Summer, and even life itself: Art makes the dark times get better.

But this is just a beginning. I intend to redefine our very parameters for contrast itself.

There is a common concept: Without evil, how would we recognize good? By extension, some say that without death, life would have no value.

I say screw that! Fuck loss. Fuck death. Fuck entropy. Fuck pain. (Though that latter might be taken in some suggestive way, if you’re a masochist. If so, report to me afterward for strict disciplinary action.)

Before something new can exist in reality, someone has to imagine it. Further, that someone has to express it to others. That ground-breaking someone is usually an artist.

In this spirit, I propose something revolutionary.

Imagine something good– maybe even just a good feeling.
Nice, isn’t it?
Damned right. Feeling good is, by definition, enjoyable.
Do you really need something with which to compare and contrast such a feeling?
No problem. Your not-so-humble Master Nick has your back.
Imagine that however good you felt a moment ago, you feel even better in the next moment. Imagine that this increasing joy just keeps on increasing. Imagine overflowing with such bliss that you can’t help but share.

That’s but one example of the overall idea. We don’t need anything bad to hold against good. All the contrast we need is between what was good and what is better. Let us go from merely good, through great, to grand, and beyond to glorious!

Does it seem like an unrealistic pipe-dream? So did every single advancement in human history. We always say, “That’s just the way it is,” until some brave soul steps up and shines new light– or even flat out changes what we’ve always taken for granted. It is within our power to make life better and better, longer and longer.

Enjoy today even more than you have any point in the past! Work in whatever way that you can to make tomorrow better! Rage against the dying of the light!

In my work, in my art, I revive the best of the past, so that we may never lose it. I depict the worst of the past, so that we may revel now in the progress we’ve made, and find a path to our best future. I show horrors, so that we may recognize them without suffering their pain. I bring wonders, so that we can come to experience their bliss.

For those who still need contrast, I have your back once again! Let the mundane and overexposed be obscured in shadow, as I illuminate the mysterious, the hidden, the deepest dreams and darkest desires.

Though I like to think of myself as being my own boss, I find that the artwork is inseparable from the aficionado and collector. Speaking to those who truly value the vision, I work for you.
Thus, if painting is not your particular skill, worry not! Patronage is a noble thing.

‘Tis dandy and fine to fill the palettes of one who places pigment on the world’s elsewise pale canvas! ‘Tis sublime to fuel the form of one who fuels the spirit!

If thou art passionate to play your part, as I am dedicated to fulfill mine, we can build off the grand toward something ever better, and better, and better.

Like, Share, and Support the Art of
Master Nick Roberts

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