Painted Teaser

I’ve just finished another painting, this one a bit larger than my usual fare. ‘Tis also brighter in a literal sense, but hints at something so dark that it disturbs even your own not-so-humble
Master Nick! ‘Tis but one of five pieces to be unveiled next month, not counting the succubus glimpsed late last night, for she has already unveiled herself, as those who feed on sex are wont to do. You shall have to wait for the others, including the latest.
I may seem a tease, so here’s a pic to tide you over. ‘Tis a shot of yours truly providing pre-show entertainment for the Trash Film Orgy’s showing of Flesh Gordon. Here, I flick my flogger between the legs of any who dare step into my lair. Perhaps I do tease a bit, but now you know you’re not alone.

Prints are available of the Spanking art in the background!
Contact me to collect your very own,
and remember to Like, Share, and support the Art!
Tune in again for more news of the beautiful and bizarre!

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