Succubi, Siouxsie, and Un-Birthday Spankings

I’ve begun celebrating my birthday a bit early, hosting little un-birthday celebrations book-ending Saturday’s exhibition at Reverence.

At the risk of slipping into materialism, I must gush a bit about the succubus pendant I received. I’d been seeking such for years. (Must let the sex goddesses know I have their back.) I eventually did find two different succubus pendants, but neither were as elegant as the one I was given today!

I also got Downside Up, a four-disc set of B-sides and bonus material from Siouxsie and the Banshees! Well over half of this collection was new to me. If you’re a die-hard Siouxsie fan, I highly recommend it!

Still, it’s better to give than to receive, so I’ve given many an un-birthday spanking over the last couple months– Which is my rickety segue to posting yet another light kink pic from the Trash Film Orgy’s showing of Flesh Gordon.

Master Nick Roberts
Getting back to my easel after a very busy weekend!
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