The Cabaret of Dr. Frankenstein – Preview Detail

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus, was written in the early 1800’s, and took place in the century prior, yet the practice of patchwork reanimation did not end so long ago- if at all.
  Between the first and the second World War, one mad doctor had fallen on hard times. The acquisition of rare chemicals and specialized equipment necessitated an income, no matter the means. Hence he began to perform his grisly experiments for an audience, in the most exclusive of Berlin’s underground venues.
  Nearly a century later, this surreal show is being revived in a new form, commemorated, caught on canvas, for as long such monstrosities may be thusly bound. This is but a glimpse, one detail, of what is to be unveiled– Nay, unleashed– in The Cabaret of Doctor Frankenstein!

Acrylic on Canvas
Master Nick Roberts © 2012

To obtain your own piece of horrific history, contact me.
and return again, for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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