Ancient Egyptian Audition Preview Part 2

The mystery deepens.
The scene suggests that something dire transpires in the presence of the pyramid.
Who is this young woman, exposed in a posture of supplication?
Why does she place her face beside the yellowed skull?
It hides her features from our view. Her expression is unknowable, yet it seems doubtful that she mimics the skeletal grin.
For what does she stand in?
Will the role culminate in her own destruction?
Does she play her part willingly?
Even in the heat of this desert setting, such questions chill the blood.

Here we have but the grainiest glimpse of the ancient  
Acrylic on 40″ x 24″ Panel
Master Nick Roberts © 2012
To acquire the entire view, contact me,
and return again, for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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