The Corner – Rated R

Okay, this work has not been rated in a theatrical sense. It’s a painting, not a movie. But can’t you just hear an old school film ad voice over? “The Corner… Rated R.” I can’t unhear it, nor can one particular friend, and now you’re in on the in joke. Welcome!

In sooth, this painting has been highly rated, and there is something very theatrical to the setting. The connoisseur will have already gleaned from the body of work that I often set the bodies in my work amidst a sea of crimson curtains. Yet there is here a greater challenge for the most keen-eyed and imaginative art enthusiasts.

The Master who our bound beauty awaits has already entered the picture. She can not see him through her blindfold, but perhaps she has sensed his entrance. Can she hear him, or is the sound filling her mind not but her own heartbeat growing faster? She draws in breath, and can almost taste his salt in the air– or is that her own excitement? She shifts slightly in nervous anticipation. Where is he?

He hides in plain sight. Can you see him?

Would you like a hint?

He watches her silently from the foreground.


His hood does not quite obscure his horns.

One more?

He has hungered so long that his ribs show.

“The Corner”
…Rated R. Starts Friday.
Acrylic on 24″ x 18″ Canvas
Master Nick Roberts © 2012
To stake out this Corner for your very own, contact me
and return again, for more of the beautiful and bizarre!
Have you found the Master?
Guess correctly, and one may earn a spanking.
Guess poorly, and one may be punished with a spanking.
Good luck!

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