More Than Ready To Find The Fantastic – Art Retrospective

  The true artist must create not merely what the mundane may crave, but that which the world does not yet know it needs to see. And from the world- (or worlds, for there are many possibilities to perceive-) sights come that even the artist had once not realized. We reshape, and are shaped ourselves, symbiotically, and for the betterment of all.
   To evoke and promote any sort of difference, character should be at least as compelling as the setting. In the long ago, such was true in my work to the overwhelming extent that the figures I depicted had apparently posed in limbo, with nary a background to be found. It took some effort to reach out into other worlds.
  When eventually I did care to create a place for the populace, and time for the tale, ’twas usually a simple field, illuminated by the day’s last rays. Though my mad attention to detail did insist that I depict every last blade of grass, the horizons for my fantastical figures were fairly flat.
  Then I discovered the hedonistic celebrations of succubi. Yet I came to that party late, for it had already been overrun by the undead. The bloody battlefields were rolling hillsides, peppered with headstones. Disturbing as that may seem, I found there another kind of darkness, offering comfort to the sensitive soul. The sun had finally set on this scenery, and thus your nocturnal Master Nick found himself a home away from home.
  Such implies an actual home. What of that?
  I do indeed have a haven in which to hang my hats and horns, a safe space where I may dream by day, pose sirens by sunset, and paint them ’till daybreak.
  Such was scarcely the case before I began to envision it clearly– nor before other plans went awry. As much as by my own tenacity, this haven came to me by tragedy, then by friends and family, then again from a network of new acquaintances, and all throughout by the kindness of strangers.
  Without belaboring too many details, a positive space sprang from something seemingly negative.
  Thus, what had once been little more than backdrops on a tiny, crumbling stage, grew into grand reality. Those invited to the House of Master Nick find a world of passionate purple, and black lacquered trim, bordered by billowing crimson curtains. The most daring of all are placed, by the sure and nimble artist’s hand, ‘pon burgundy bedding, to bask in illumination, and luxuriate in immortality.
 The draped and folded fabrics here suggest shapes of their own, often planned in advance, yet sometimes surprising even to my meticulous mind. Such unexpected turns, I learn, need not be regarded as trouble. What unfolds on its own can have spectacular substance to show.
  So it was that I came to explore the realms between the unformed and the clearly recognizable, questing further into the dream space, so that I could return, and present its wonders to the world of waking. One always runs the risk of nightmares, but I have faced them before, and found the fantastic within. I am more than ready to do so again.
  Which brings us to a glimpse of another, “More Than Ready.”
  She reclines on sweeping swirls of red and black, and has no fear of what either may represent. She knows the joys of darkest night, and the flush of passion. She is held with thighs spread, with the certainty that she is safe, and will be released with but word from her lips. Such is the strength of the siren.
  Of course, there are also lovely lips between the legs of the lady, and with luck, a second sort of set, soon to bless the first with sweet kisses. Yet the smile we find here is far more wide than any one might expect. These luscious lips pucker in this place by no preset plan. The negative space between these legs simply suggested something positively sweet. We, (I the artist, and you the connoisseur,) shall not deride the suggestive, nor suffer silently those who do. We see the human form– that so many treat with scorn– is in fact a marvel. Though sometimes viewed with bitterness, the bonds between us are a beauty, our connections, magnificent.
  Here’s to us! Muse to artist, artist to art, art to the the true connoisseur, connoisseur to the world, and the world to us all! Bliss, and Long Life!
  As an artist, as a muse, as the collector of fine works, follow your passion. Be who you want to be. Create the world you want to see. Such is the power of art. Great commitment is the only way to attain the body of work you wish.
  Yet for every plan that comes to fruition, there are countless more that never attain full flower, whether withered from within, or cut from without. As maddening as such may be in the moment, we continue. Emerge from emergency. Find what blossoms in its place is often more beautiful than one could ever have envisioned.
  Even the Master may be pleasantly surprised.
  Whether called crisis or opportunity, change comes.
  You know what you want to be.

More Than Ready
Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ Canvas
This is but a glimpse, not half of the entire view.
If you are indeed more than ready to see more, contact me!
Master Nick Roberts © 2012
There’s more to come, my sinful subscribers! Spread the word!

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