More Than Ready To Let Down Her Hair: Painting Detail

Though this image is but a tease, carefully cropped above the bound beauty’s bosom, it reveals as much to the artist as to the connoisseur. ‘Tis only now that I see this work as an adult twist on Rapunzel.
Here, Rapunzel is tied with an extra long strand of her own hair.
Upon a more careful combing of the art, no knot can be seen in these tangles. It seems that she wrapped her own wrists in a show of submission. It’s a bit of role play. Though she poses passively for her prince, she has the power to participate or not as she wills. At any time, she can let down her hair, and- [ahem-] slide herself down upon the tower.
She’s ready to cut loose.
More Than Ready
Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ Canvas

If you are indeed more than ready for more,
contact me to procure the painting,
or to commission custom art!
Master Nick Roberts © 2012
There’s more to come, my sinful subscribers! Spread the word!

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