Four Events this Week, All Including Art, Music, and More!

  I used to hear that there was nothing to do in this town. If ever that was indeed true, ’tis stuff and nonsense now! There’s an abundance of events coming up! Here is just a broad overview of the coming week:

SUNDAY the 16th: Sacramento Old City Association annual Historic Home Tour and Street Fair, with Live Music, Vendors, and Sweet Edibles!

THURSDAY the 20th: Club BLITZ Sisters of Mercy tribute night!

FRIDAY the 21st: FREE Vampire Ball Pre-Party, with a costume contest, LIVE music, and DJs!

SATURDAY the 22nd: Club REVERENCE Gothic, Industrial, EBM and Dark 80’s dancing!

  At each event, I shall exhibit art prints and pendants!

  But whatever is there to do on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday?
Well, I don’t know about you, but I’ll be working throughout them, painting ’till my hands cramp in screaming protest, and then I shall paint some more, all in preparation for the Art Unveiling and Reception, Sunday, Sept. 30th at Queen of Arts!

 As I tell myself every year, perhaps I shall take some time off in January.

  In all likelihood, I shall take no such time off at all. One great friend in the Sacramento Old City Association has said that it sucks working for yourself, ’cause your boss is a dick who makes you work evenings and weekends. Though perhaps I don’t work for myself at all, but rather for Art. I wish to see the standard of living improve for everyone. Food, shelter, and health must be only the baseline. I dare say my aim is higher. Art is the difference between thriving and merely surviving. In working for Art, I work us all.

Please, Like, Share, and support the Art!
and do check in again for more details on upcoming events!
To obtain an existing piece, or to commission custom art, contact me.

5 Responses to “Four Events this Week, All Including Art, Music, and More!”

  1. Reblogged this on Lily Wight and commented:
    Amazing Alice Art 🙂

  2. Art is what distinguishes us from all the other creatures on this earth which we adore. Great post.

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