Time Travel, (Re)Birth of Venus, Painting of Aphrodite in Chains

  We wouldn’t want to keep a goddess waiting, but first, a brief word of warning about time travel.
Wordpress seems to think that messages can be abstracted from any chronologically sound order. In sooth, I can grasp sending a message forward, as in a time capsule. Indeed, such was my intention regarding this very post. If, from the point in time that I am currently experiencing, you will be reading this tomorrow, than I shall have finally succeeded. However, this blogsite insisted, despite my increasingly frantic and frustrated efforts, on sending the following message back one full month, tucking it ‘tween posts of the past. Perhaps the powers that be seek to bury what may be viewed as blasphemy. Perhaps it’s all just a temporal misunderstanding– Or perhaps I remembered to set the publication day to the second, but writing toward the end of last month, I forgot to specify the following month. In any event, if you’re experiencing Déjà Vu, it is indeed a glitch in The Matrix, and that glitch may be me.
Now, on to greet a goddess..

  It is said that that the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, (or Venus, in Roman myth,) emerged fully grown from the sea.
The more twisted details are that Aphrodite rose from salty “white sea foam” bubbling from the castrated genitals of her father. There is no mention of a mother.
Whether we recognize that we make gods in our image, or believe that they make us in theirs, it follows that as vaginal birth is good enough for one, it should be good enough for the other. In all of what is commonly called creation, there is nothing more or less divine than the reproductive organs. (Even I, your not-so-humble Master Nick, who believes in sex for love, and/or Hedonism, can appreciate the procreative aspect of sexuality, for this has formed the greatest artists, and dearest friends.)
Whether one acknowledges, as did Carl Sagan, that we are all star stuff, or thinks of us as created by a heavenly deity, the common truth is that we are celestial beings. ‘Tis true of our minds and our flesh, from our hearts to our erogenous zones, and beyond.
In this spirit, I depict Venus as being born of woman, (or Goddess, or titan, if you prefer. Certainly, titanic proportions are required to birth a fully grown Aphrodite!) Here, there is no castration of the father, nor negation of the mother. Violence is neither required nor desired.
Blessings on your erogenous zones! May they, (including the very greatest, the mind,) enjoy freedoms so great as to inspire the very heavens!

“Birth of Venus”
Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ Canvas
Master Nick Roberts © 2012

  Wait– What’s with the chains?
  As Venus is willingly bound at the wrists, even luxuriating in her shackles, we see that even a goddess may find bliss in the switch to submission, when the right hero tickles her fancy.
  Or perhaps this grown Goddess slithered out so far hands first, and would just like an assistant to pull her out the rest of the way.
  She moves in mysterious ways…
To obtain an existing painting, or to commission custom art, contact me.

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