Punk Rock and Painting vs. Breast Cancer

Amb Pirate Booking and Your Mom presents: BREAST FEST!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Help raise money for the cause by coming to a show with FIVE LIVE PUNK/HARDCORE BANDS!

The Stalking Distance
No Beatings From Holly
• Capital Bastard
Keeping Score
Creepy Little Legs

Also featuring $3 pink Snatch shots
and The Art of Master Nick, including a print to donate to the cause!


21+ • $5
Money from the door will go to American Cancer Society.

Friday, October 9:PM
@ On The Y Sacramento
670 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, Ca 95825-4814

Where else can you hear 5 KICK ASS bands for $5,
and all for boobs?
Wear pink- or failing that, tell everyone you know!

Stay tuned to this, the new boob tube,
for more of the beautiful and bizzare, from
Master Nick!

To obtain an existing piece, or to commission custom art, contact me.

One Response to “Punk Rock and Painting vs. Breast Cancer”

  1. P.S.
    My car died last night, leaving me and my art gear stranded. I may not be able to attend this event in person, but a friend should still be stopping by here and there, to pick up the print I’m donating, and get it to the raffle!
    Also, I gather that a sixth band has been added to the line-up! At $6, that’s just a buck a band! Don’t miss it!

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