Breast Cancer, Breastfeeding, and Mammals Acting Like Boobs

Please pardon my posting the same painting of a breast twice in two days. I assure you, ’tis perfectly appropriate, and not just because they tend to come in pairs. Sadly, cancer sometimes changes that, hence the BREAST FEST benefit show, featuring five live punk rock/hardcore bands, drink specials, and of course, art! (October 5th 2012)
The are more details below, but first, let us come the other reason for the second breast painting post.

Breastfeeding in Public

Babies named us after boobies.
What do way say when something tastes good? “Mmmm.”
What is the very first good thing we taste? Mother’s milk, direct from the breast. Mmmm.
What is one of the first words a baby says, especially when they want something, like nourishment from a nipple? “Mama! Mom! Mmmammmaaa!”
Such naming does not stop at the source of our first postnatal meal, “mammary glands”, nor at the mama herself.
The word “mammal” is from the scientific name Mammalia, derived from the Latin mamma, i.e. “teat”.
The innocent, in tune with nature, and as yet uncorrupted by concepts of shame, dearly love the mammaries. Some of these babies grow up to dedicate themselves to questioning, testing, and learning. Babies define us by breasts, and the scientific community, through rigorous methods, has come to classify us in similar fashion. When innocence and wisdom agree, one might think that all mammals would appreciate mammaries.
Alas, such is not the case.
There are some very vocal mammals who have been trained to feel disgusted by what babies know is good, by what the mature know is natural and nourishing. These particular mammals are offended by breasts, by nipples, and even by mother’s milk.
There have been a great many comments against breastfeeding in public. Let us address them.

COMMENT: You call breastfeeding “natural.” So is pissing, and ejaculating, but you don’t do these in public. I don’t want to witness “natural” functions!

REPLY: The analogy doesn’t hold up. While humans are unusual in their tendency to go behind closed doors to relieve themselves, or to ejaculate, we do none the less eat in public all the time. Naturally, babies join in this activity.
By the way, putting “natural” in quotes, as if breastfeeding is only allegedly natural, does not change the biological fact that it is natural.

COMMENT: It’s like spitting in public!

REPLY: Again, ’tis an inapt analogy. Unlike spit, or the urine mentioned above, breast milk nourishes a baby.
Spitting at people is illegal, but we don’t make people keep their lips covered at all times by a dust mask- (From now on, I’m calling them MouthBras-) even though some people can’t seem to stop themselves from spitting when they speak.

COMMENT: I disapprove of breastfeeding in restaurants!

REPLY: You’re eating what you like. So is the baby. A place where we all eat is at least as reasonable a space as any for a baby to feed.

COMMENT: I don’t want milk spewing at me!

REPLY: I’ve known breastfeeders, hung around them for years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen their milk spray accidentally across the table and into my coffee, so it’s kind of a non-issue. (Though if, by some fluke, mother’s milk ever it did end up in my mug, I’d be okay with it.)

COMMENT: It’s unsanitary! The milk could be infected with HIV or something!

REPLY: Again, it doesn’t tend to shoot right across the room, and certainly not into the bloodstream of innocent bystanders. But if you’re actually so worried about disease, I recommend that you wear a gas mask (or mouth-bra) over your face, tissue boxes on your feet, and close yourself off in your room, spraying Lysol into the corners.
Better yet, if you truly are afraid of mother’s milk, then recite to yourself something from Frank Herbert’s “Dune”, The Litany Against Fear, which begins, “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer.”

COMMENT: They’re just crazy attention whores. Let’s just ignore them, and they’ll soon keep their milk-spewing boobs private!

REPLY: This may come as a surprise, but many breastfeed because babies are hungry. Breastfeeding a hungry baby is not a sign of neurosis. In fact, there are great health benefits for mother and child alike!
The commentator above, despite a mind hobbled by belittling, misogynistic preconceptions, has accidentally stumbled upon a simple truth. As I’ve mentioned in a previous blog, you own your eyes! Unless you’re getting “A Clockwork Orange” Ludovico treatment, you have the power to look away, or close your eyes. Focus on something else! That way, whether a mother postpones feeding, in order to find a private space, or nourishes her child right then and there, something that was never your problem- (never any problem at all-) still isn’t. Either way, you can just ignore it!

COMMENT: Some women are just feminazis, aggressively pushing their habit onto others!

REPLY: Unless they’re pushing you into a gas chamber for failing to join in the breastfeeding–
Nevermind. There’s no point in finishing that sentence, because this never happens.
If ever a woman seems defiant while breastfeeding, it’s clearly because there are such hurtful misconceptions that need defying.

COMMENT: At least cover it up! Use a blanket or something!

REPLY: Anyone who insists that it’s a good idea to put a baby’s head, (mouth, nose, and all,) under a blanket on a hot Summer day must not live in a terribly hot climate.
Again, it’s in your power to look away if you don’t want to see, and even to walk away, if you’re afraid of being squirted, so there’s really no issue here. Blankets are for keeping out a chill, not for coddling other people’s squeamishness.

COMMENT: I think breastfeeding in public is fine, as long as they share!

REPLY: Dude– (and I like to think of myself as someone who rarely says “Dude”–) but seriously, dude, you’re not helping. Neither are you entertaining, nor arousing the interest of the MILFs you so desperately seek. I also love also breasts, nipples, and milk, but this isn’t about the appetites of grown men. It’s about mothers feeding their babies.
(Not that I’m backing off the crack about milk in my coffee.) 

In this culture, we just aren’t yet used to seeing breastfeeding, but the fact remains that the health benefits far outweigh the alleged risks. More, breastfeeding defines us. There is nothing whatsoever shameful in it. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Anyone who expresses offense at a breast, nipple, or mother’s milk, has essentially renounced their status as a mammal.

From the defense of breastfeeding, let us also encompass the defense of breasts themselves! On with the show info!

Amb Pirate Booking and Your Mom presents: BREAST FEST!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!
Help raise money for the cause by coming to a show with FIVE LIVE PUNK/HARDCORE BANDS!

The Stalking Distance
No Beatings From Holly
• Capital Bastard
Keeping Score
Creepy Little Legs

Also featuring $3 pink Snatch shots,
and The Art of Master Nick, including a print to donate to the cause!

21+ • $5
Money from the door will go to American Cancer Society.

Friday, October 5th 9:PM 2012
@ On The Y Sacramento
670 Fulton Ave, Sacramento, Ca 95825-4814

Where else can you hear 5 KICK ASS bands for $5,
and all for boobs?
Wear pink- or failing that, tell everyone you know!

Stay tuned to this, the new boob tube,
for more of the beautiful and bizzare, from
Master Nick!

To obtain an existing piece, or to commission custom art, contact me.

2 Responses to “Breast Cancer, Breastfeeding, and Mammals Acting Like Boobs”

  1. P.S.
    My car died last night, leaving me and my art gear stranded. I may not be able to attend this evening’s event in person, but a friend should still be stopping by here and there, to pick up the print I’m donating, and get it to the raffle!
    Also, I gather that a sixth band has been added to the line-up! At $6, that’s just a buck a band! Don’t miss it!

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