UBERKUNST Live at the NorCal NoiseFest TONIGHT!

Saturday, October 6th, the second day of the NOISEFEST is an eight-hour NOISEATHON! Located at Sol Collective, 2574 21st Street, Noisefest’s second night features some of the larger acts that demand the biggest stage of this year’s Fest – including special guests BASTARD NOISE!

3:30    VV vs CS vs MC
4pm    one infinite loop
4:20    endif
4:50    striations
5:10    holy filament
5:40    overdose the katatonic
6:PM    dental work
6:30    pulsating cyst
6:50    liver cancer
7:15    cloud shepherd
7:40    vankmen
8:10    phog masheeen
8:40    styrofoam sanchez
9:10    xome
9:30    +DOG+
9:50    crank sturgeon
10:20 bastard noise
10:50 uberkunst

Admission $10 (Saturday only) including earplugs, all ages.
All-weekend pass $40, includes admission to all three nights of Noisefest, 2012 compilation CD, T-shirt, sticker, button and as many earplugs as you need! Membership also includes a coupon for NOISEBRUNCH on Sunday at BOWS & ARROWS, a complimentary brunch entree of your choice!

Tickets available via BROWN PAPER TICKETS: http://norcalnoisefest.brownpapertickets.com/ , or purchase tickets at
PHONO SELECT, 2312 K Street, Sacramento, or
MIDIKAT BOUTIQUE, 1115 21st Street, Sacramento.

Tune in again, for more of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick Roberts!

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