The Cabaret of Doctor Frankenstein

Translated from German, the following text is an excerpt from charred notes found in the pocket of an unidentified corpse, buried the ruins of an underground entertainment venue.
Berlin 193_?

Ladies and gentlemen, do not be alarmed.
I can assure you, the figure I have unveiled here has no sense of modesty, nor any sense of claustrophobia within these binding bandages.
In fact, this flesh bears no senses at all.
Observe the breast, utterly still, neither rising nor falling.
Tonight, we are in the presence of death.
Ladies and gentlemen, please, keep your seats!
I tell you that with modern medical advances, death can be beaten! Turned back!
I have perfected a combination of serums, surgical techniques, and galvanization, that can bring life to this poor patchwork person.
Yes, you see here not one dead body, but many – that it to say, selections from several, each part carefully chosen for fit, and (if such can be said of lifeless tissue,) fitness.
Have we a Doctor in the house? (Other than myself, that is.)
A nurse perhaps? Any medical professional at all.
Yes, you there! Don’t be shy. Come up. Please tell these good people your name.
Dr. M______?
A Doctor of medicine, are you?
Not too squeamish?
Very good.
Dr. M______, would you slip two fingers under the bandages at the wrist?
Gently now. The stitches are very fresh.
Can you detect a pulse?
Let’s be absolutely certain, shall we?
Listen here, just over the left breast.
Again, I remind all assembled here that we will need absolute silence.
. . .
No heartbeat at all?
Are you absolutely satisfied that this tissue bears no spark of life?
Thank you. You may take your seat.
Dr. M______, everybody, let’s give him a round of applause!
Ladies and gentlemen, you who have braved the thunder and lightning to come here tonight, will not leave unchanged.
With these wires, I will bring the storm into this very room, and into the form before you!
Tonight, you will see living flesh return from the realm of the dead!

“The Cabaret of Doctor Frankenstein”
Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ Canvas
Master Nick Roberts © 2012
To obtain your own piece of horrific history,
or to commission custom art, contact me!
Return again, for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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