Super Flu and Uberkunst

Whenever I have a long lasting, head splitting, bone chilling, perpetually hacking kind of flu, I always think of Captain Trips, the super flu that wipes out most of humanity in Stephen King’s “The Stand”. In such a condition, I’m unlikely to reread the novel, nor watch the miniseries again, now that I have the downtime to do so. It’s too close to home. Speaking of apocalyptic fare, I don’t tend to watch zombie flicks in this state, for the undead look how I feel. So instead, I’m catching up on some science fiction – or would be, but I’ve missed, in my delirium, the end of more than one episode of Torchwood. Apparently, I’m too thrashed to even vegitate properly.

Until I’m in condition to get back to the easel, here’s another pic from the Uberkunst performance earlier this month at the NorCal NoiseFest. We had one contact mic taped to the backside of my lovely assistant, and another to the paddle striking said backside.

With thoughts of such happier times, I’m shuffling back to bed.

Master Nick

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