Metal Head-Banging – After a fashion

Never bang a metal coffee can off your head. Never, never, never do this repeatedly. (You might literally knock yourself out, and negate the purpose of the coffee.)
If one was unfamiliar, ‘twould sound like what might transpire at a metal-head show – But no. ‘Twas but one the many increasingly insensible things I’ve done whilst performing with Uberkunst. Nothing brings out my flashes of foolishness faster.
Still, the current flu has done more to addle my brains than repeated blows to the head. I can also say that I didn’t injure my hands during this show. I
n time, I should be back in the Creatorium, giving greater glimpses of a life larger than permissible by common sense.
‘Till then, here’s another evocative shot by Ed Goldthorpe at the NorCarl NoiseFest.
Master Nick

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