Vote today! Please vote today! Please with sugar on top, vote today!

The Greater Evil:
What you get when you don’t vote.

I’ll have more art to exhibit tomorrow, but if I may beg your indulgence, there’s another great thing to do today.


It’s easy to feel that your vote doesn’t matter, but don’t give up!

If voting was nothing but a charade, no one would have had to fight for the right to participate. If you’re not a wealthy white male, your right to vote was hard won, and came fairly recently in this nation’s history.

There are still people who don’t want you to vote. Many dirty tricks have been used to keep people away from the polls: billboards designed to intimidate legal immigrants and the poor, robocalls claiming that the election has been postponed ’till Wednesday. (It hasn’t. Election Day is still today, Tuesday, November 6th.) While those with more money than empathy can sway public policy to some extent, they wouldn’t bother trying to dissuade voters if voting had no effect. Your vote does matter!

For those with no opinion about politics, I’ll give you a starter set for free.

Vote against the death penalty, and stop innocent, wrongly convicted people from being executed!

Vote for the labeling of GMO’s, so you can know what it is that you’re eating, and whether you want to eat it in the first place!

Even if you’re disappointed by the current administration, please vote for the lesser Presidential evil, (the only currently realistic way to help keep the worst misogynistic homophobes out of office.) and then return to whatever you may regularly do for the sake of your particular utopia.

I beg you, take a small part of one day to vote!

Tune in tomorrow for your regularly schedule display of the beautiful and bizarre!

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