Bravery – SwordsWoman vs. The Living Dead

This art was done at the request of a loved one who wanted to see a blond warrior woman doing battle with zombies. The piece was named by yet another loved one. I had no title for it myself.
It may be the first zombie drawing I’d ever attemped in my adult life. (I had done an undead sketch or three in middle school and high school.)
I’m a great fan of Science Fiction-based zombies: Romero’s ghouls,
animated possibly by radiation from a space probe, the Return of The Living Dead resurrected by a chemical, and the mad killers of 28 Day and Weeks Later infected by a rage virus. I suspect that the walking dead pictured here have been raised instead by dark magic, somewhere between Dungeons and Dragons and The Evil Dead.
Whatever the case, this swordswoman shows no fear in facing them.

Master Nick Roberts
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Walk in again, for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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