Frankenstein’s Army: The Blitz-Werk Men

      Tomorrow night, Club Blitz brings the monthly Post-Punk Party to its new location, the Blue Lamp!

      Speaking of Blitz, I must warn you of the Blitz-Werk Men.

      In the tradition of Frankenstein, there is a Doctor who specializes in resurrection of the dead. This work was once his primary passion. Now it is means to a darker end. His goal is the total domination of all life. To achieve this, he is literally building himself an army.
      His creations during the second World War were part man and part machine, each given life by a bolt from the heavens. The Doctor has since refined many of his methods, but his first name for these lightning-powered clockwork super soldiers has stuck. The Blitz-Werk Men are growing in number.
      They recruit primarily by harvesting the dead. They scour war zones, accident scenes, and cemeteries, searching for suitable specimens.
      One patchwork grunt was robbing graves in the coastal town of Kohlmare, when he was interrupted by the strange creatures that dwell there, a succubus and a lycanthrope. The following is an excerpt from one account of the ensuing conflict.

         “Winded, stunned, she could only stare up at a narrow strip of murky sky.
         Ivan stepped into view, looming above. His boots straddled the edge of the grave, sending down small showers of earth to rebound off her skin. He gazed into the shadowy depth, searching. His eyes were sharper than those of a natural man. Almost at once, he found her in the darkness, and centered on her exposed chest. In his one remaining hand, he raised the shovel’s splintered handle, and aimed it like a spear.”

Master Nick Roberts © 2010, 2012

Examine the other specimens here:
Do return for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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