Rubber Nurse X and Cthulhu have come.

Master_Nick-HPLoveShack4webSo, a tentacled elder god and a rubber-clad Frankenurse walk into a shop, and
they had the most marvelous time chatting with the shopkeeper, sampling his wares, and raving afterward about the experience to all their friends.

Okay, what really happened is that Cthulhu stepped indifferently onto the shop, smashing it to bits. The Frankenurse collected what fragmented human remains she could find, and pieced them together like Tinker Toys.

Master_Nick-NurseXI could’ve mentioned that at the outset, but I didn’t want to scare off the customers — not until the raving part, anyway.

Two recent artworks, “Nurse X” and “H. P.’s LoveShack”,  have just been added to the collection of long popular pieces at my Etsy page, right in time for your holiday shopping pleasure!
For now, I’ll just be listing the prints on Etsy. If you’d like to procure the original work, contact me directly!

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