Zombie v. Succubus

Master_Nick-succubusketch2The most dedicated among you may have caught yesterday’s rough pencil sketch of a succubus facing an unknown danger. In painstaking detail, her adversaries are now revealed to be undead.
If you’re familiar with my other depictions of zombies vs. succubi, you may even recognize this particular protagonist, Bethani Lorcross. She’s known as Thani to her friends, and I hope we may count you among them. She has a deeper, darker trial to face, and will need all the support she can get.

One of her greatest allies is Suz deMello, author of romantic/erotic vampire tales, among other fiction. With her help and yours, Thani just may prevail.

As dreams reveal more of what is to come, I shall render these visions in writing and paint, and disclose how you can share in the adventure.
Tune in again tomorrow for more news of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick!

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