Succubus in Trouble – Zombies on the Rise

Master_Nick-succubusTempSomething very strange is about to happen, but first, I just gotta say that
dancing at Club Blitz was a blast! From that fantastic music mix, my ears may ring straight through to my next club exhibition at Reverence on Saturday 22nd, and at the extra special event on the 29th.

I’ve not yet recovered from tonight’s festivities when I’m rocked by revelations of what more is to come, or what has already transpired one world over. The dreams no longer wait for me to close my eyes, but even while I’m wake, what they mean is a mystery.
I know that our sweet succubus Thani is in trouble, and I know that a zombie swarm is on the horizon. I’m not yet certain how closely related the two crises may be.
The visions come hard and fast. At times they get jumbled together. Committing them to writing and paint can help me work out the details, and distract from the worst of the accompanying migraines.
Of late, I’ve had still more assistance from Suz deMello, author of romantic/erotic vampire tales, among other fiction. We’re working day and night to bring these visions to you, so Thani and those like her may have trusted companions on their adventures.

Tune in again tomorrow for more news of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick!

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