Dead-Eye Cupid

deadeyecupid-4web-nickI was raised primarily amongst atheists and agnostics, and yet we celebrated most of the Christian / Hallmark holidays, including Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s Day. When in good spirits, I look on this paradoxical phenomenon as any excuse to celebrate. In foul times, I regard it as a shade of Stockholm Syndrome. There is an outright cultish sense of obligation. Add to this a heart that has been broken time and again, plus a dash of dark humor, and we get my Valentine’s Day greeting card designs.

DeadEyeCupid2-master_nick“Dead-Eye Cupid” may be half-blind, but that doesn’t stop the little bastard from shooting us right through the heart. And there is something strangely appropriate about naming the whole affair after a bloody martyr, dying for love of an illusion.

And on that uplifting note, I bid you all a Happy V.D. Share it with someone you love!*

Tune in again for more of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

* What—Are you crazy? Don’t actually share V.D. We have prophylactics for a reason!

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