Suspense Stories, Precog Paints, Poetry and Prose

Master_Nick-ExhibitrixShe is known by many names, honorifics and epithets. Some dub her a devil, others worship her as goddess. Cryptobiologists call her kind the succubi. Her friends and lovers call her Katra.
Amongst her loves is an artist who expresses premonitions in ink and paint upon paper, canvas, and Katra’s silky skin.
“The mem’ry’s wistful strings are strummed
when greedy death draws nigh.
Wet and wondrous dreams may come
When pass the succubi.”

Memories both erotic and horrific come as Katra saves the life of Thani, a young women felled by murderous grave-robbers. But who, if anyone, can save Thani from her own demons?

Master_Nick-CrucitrixWounded inside and out by a trusted official of her former faith, Thani remains chained to the past, suspended over her own personal abyss. At the same time, she violently denies her trauma, even carving a mantra of negation into her tender flesh.
“This is not happening. This is a nightmare.”

Bold explorers may glimpse what awaits Katra’s protégé Thani in the pages of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” (available now on Amazon,) as well as in an upcoming novel, and in the photography, poetry and paintings by
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

“Transcent” and “Night Visitor”
24″ x 24″ Acrylic on Panel

“Succubus Sword” and “Succubus V. Zombie”
11″ x 14″ Acrylic on Panel

Paintings and Prints are available.
If collector, connoisseur,
or a patron you may be,
if this art you would procure,
to begin, please contact me.
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” was edited by vampire erotica author Suz deMello.
Thani’s predicament is preenacted by Daedra Bubblegum.
Katra has graciously consented to appear as herself.
All models are over 18 years of age.
Many thanks to all!

Come again, my sinful subscribers,
for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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