Art v. Heartbreak of the Succubus

Master_Nick-ThanatrixEven a succubus can suffer heartbreak.
Harsh words can hurt as much as a beating. Emotional scars run deeper still when the abuse comes from both one’s own family and the keepers of one’s faith.
Throughout her youth, Bethani Lorcross hears that her body, pleasures and very nature are sinful and shameful. In time, the pain of such vilification overshadows that of separation.
Upon coming of age, Miss Lorcross leaves behind the stifling constraints of her former life, as well as the name of the family that had so maligned her. Now known as Thani, she blossoms, and experiences adventures beyond the limits of orthodox imagination. As a succubus, she is regarded not just as a sinner but as an outright demon, yet the only demons she knows are those of all-too-familiar voices, echoing malevolent misconceptions.

Master_Nick-CuratrixSome find solace in the arts and kindred spirits among the artists, for free expression uplifts the heart and shines as a beacon.

Katra, (Thani’s newest friend and mentor,) is model and muse to a prolific painter, poet and composer of prose. More, she keeps the arts within her heart. She is a veritable curatrix of creative capabilities, expressing ecstasy in every marvelous movement, and playing roles which bring joy to herself and others.

Cruelty can break a heart,
bring connections to an end.
One can find within the art
freedom, love and will to mend.

With Katra’s love, will Thani overcome the demons of her past?
Bold explorers may discover some clue in the pages of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” (available now on Amazon,) as well as in an upcoming novel, and in the photography, poetry and paintings by
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

Featured paintings:
“Succubus Sword” and “Succubus V. Zombie”
11″ x 14″ Acrylic on Panel

“Transcent” and “Night Visitor”
24″ x 24″ Acrylic on Panel

Paintings and Prints are available.
If collector, connoisseur,
or a patron you may be,
if this art you would procure,
to begin, please contact me.
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

“Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” was edited by vampire erotica author Suz deMello.
Thani is played here by Daedra Bubblegum.
Katra most graciously plays herself.
All models are over 18 years of age.

Many thanks to all!

Come again, my sinless subscribers,
for more of the beautiful and bizarre!

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