How To Network and Promote?

With every “upgrade” Facebook is rendering itself useless to me.

It used to be that if someone at an event signed up to receive updates, I could find them on FB and provide that service.

Master_Nick-Venus_detail1There also used to be more effective middle grounds between total exposure, restricting some access to certain things (such as kink or horror art that friends and fans might like, but inappropriate amongst elder or younger family members,) and outright blocking people (mad stalkers and the like.) I don’t need all-or-nothing. I need nuance. Yes, FB still has some privacy controls. They’ve gone from barely passable to abominable, and the “Like” Pages offer no way to block a person.

If I am mistaken regarding any aspect of FB’s possible functions, please illuminate me! If not, please cue me in to whatever other networking site meets the following criteria.
I seek to:

• Promote my work, and not just to other painters, writers, photographers, etc. (For me, DeviantArt, CafePress, Flickr and Etsy and have all been dead ends.)

• Search for contacts via name, email and/or proximity to a particular zip code. (So for example, if I seek a particular John Smith, I won’t get every single John Smith using the site.)

• Fully customize privacy controls.

• Have my art hosted in the spirit of free expression, sans censorship. (FB hasn’t hit me in that regard as MySpace and Flickr had, but from what I gather, I’ve just been very lucky so far.)

Can anyone make any recommendations?

Bonus points if the site won’t bombard me with game requests. I finally had to block all Apps to get ’em to stop, which then also meant that I couldn’t post to my blog and have it automatically post to FB as well.
Speaking of… leads to this very blog and links to my online galleries. For event updates, mad musings, new art and old favorites, please subscribe!
And what the hell––Feel free to Like my FB page. At least until I learn of FB’s replacement, (as FB supplanted MySpace, and MySpace killed Friendster, as so on,) I shall continue to boldly promote the arts here!

Pictured above: Detail from
“Birth of Venus”
Acrylic on 18″ x 24″ Canvas
Painting and Prints Available
If collector, connoisseur,
or a patron you may be,
if this art you would procure,
to begin, please contact me.
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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