Need an excuse for being naked and happy? Ask an artist.

gikuyu3Mumbi“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
―Buckminster Fuller

      My missions in art and life are one and the same. I celebrate freedoms by exercising and enjoying them openly. In sharing my vision I promote free expression and the liberty to live and love as one will, without in infringing on the lives of others. My work is the exhibition of a great principle, the radical notion that your body and mind are yours to hold private or share as you wish.

 Vibrations        In my visual art and fiction, certain characters shift shapes, as our own bodies bend and twist, shrink and grow. My fictional figures demonstrate that going sky-clad (when weather permits) can be much kinder on the flesh than the chafing constraints of clothing, and that being obligated by law to cover your flesh is as much a violation of your natural born rights as being ordered to strip.

Master_Nick-morethanready         Some of my characters engage in sexual practices that may seem bizarre, yet with regard for safety and consent. Other characters are depicted bound and otherwise abused against their will, for cautionary fiction has worth as well. Recognition of the difference between consensual bliss and violent force is vital, so that horrors may be allowed to occur only as invented imagery, and mutual pleasures may be practiced in life.

Master_Nick-succubusTemp         With every night and day, I engage more in the art of naturism, hedonism, wonder, and their contrasting nightmares, and less in vain conflict with those predisposed to turn a deaf ear. One’s role is not to force but to lead by example.

         Let those of you with open eyes and open minds adopt of your own accord whichever aspects you may fancy. And if you harbor some negative notions regarding nudes in art or in the flesh, or abhorrence respecting fictional depictions of horror, you’re free to look away. If you have some prejudice against hedonism or kink, you don’t have to practice them. I won’t force you, and I won’t fight those who don’t attempt to force me, as with obscenity laws dictated by body shame. But I do dare you to take pleasure in art, in dreams, in the flesh, in all that is yours and in those willing to share what is theirs.
         I dare you to live your bliss.
         I double dare you.

2013 ©
Nick Roberts

Master of art, Master of my own destiny, and Master of those who wish to submit to my pleasures.

“Gikuyu and Mumbi”
Illustration for “From beneath the tree of life : a story of the Kenyan people of Ngai” 
Written by Dr. Mugo Gatheru

Acrylic on illustation board

“More Than Ready”
Acrylic on 18″ by 20″ canvas

“Succubus v. Zombie”
Acrylic on 11″ x 14″ panel

If collector, connoisseur,
or a patron you may be,
if this art you would procure,
to begin, please contact me.
Master Nick Roberts © 2013

Tune in for more of the beautiful and bizarre from
Master Nick Roberts!
Read “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales”
Catch updates on exhibitions, publications, and more!

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