Gonzombie, pleased to meet you.

An odd assortment of characters populate the world of Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales.
Please, allow me to introduce one representative from each story, and let each of them speak for themselves.
Private Marcus Salvino: Will he learn the terrible meaning of their late Lieutenant’s last message?
“What’s a Charleston Scrawl?”

The Gonzo Journalist: High and low on a strange brew, the narrator of the titular tale covers a zombie outbreak as it happens.
“Infrared? Not like the hallucinations always said it would be.”

Rebecca: She tried to tune out the world. Now she fights for her life.
“See too many action films, and you think you’re a super hero.”

Uncle Matthew: A creature of depraved appetite is about to discover one far worse.
“Get off. Get off! GET OFF O’ ME!”

Miss Norrts: Her tales of monstrous sex and violence are not for the faint of heart.
“I didn’t do nothing wrong. I just did what Pussy tol’ me to.”

The Farm Boy: A voracious reader among insular ranchers, his initiation to the grownup world is beyond anything he’s ever read.
“I hunger for you.”

Thani: She’s compelled to relive her worst nightmares, and add new pain to her collection.
“I’m lost.”

Amy: Ordinarily a shy girl, donning a mask brings out her adventurous side.
“Scratching an itch just made it worse, but wasn’t it satisfying!”

Confidentially, I dare say that some of these are good folk, some not so good, and some…
Well, I’ll leave that up to you.

Get your copy of “Gonzombie and Other Dark Tales” now at amazon.com!

Edited by Suz deMello, best-selling author of vampire erotica and other fiction, this collection is recommended for mature readers.

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Master Nick Roberts!
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