Horror and Progress! How Novel!

Master_Nick-gonzombie3DWith any creative endeavor, it’s astounding how many obstacles arise. The outside world can often have a mean, obstructionist streak!

Feeling exhilarated upon having published my first book at the dawn of the year, I set the goal of publishing my second by the eve of the next.

Since making the resolution, the hairline fracture in one molar has gotten infected more than once, swelling half my face, and bringing about fevered delirium and the most excruciating pains I’ve ever known. Said tooth has since snapped down to the root. Somehow, it now hurts considerably less, but should still be replaced with an implant and crown. Would that dental insurance were in a starving artist’s budget. C’est la vie.

One very close relation has had it far worse, going through surgery, and having her ailments much exacerbated by doctors who seem never to listen nor read her chart. By her description, the vividly nightmarish delirium she subsequently suffered was beyond even my most twisted visions.

Worst of all, three members of our family have recently passed on.

O imaginary deity, I’m not a prayin’ man, but I must say enough! I am already perfectly capable of staggering under the weight of depression, exhaustion and distraction without all these horrors.

Honestly, thanks in large part to my lovely lady, the BBBR-logo4webfounder of The Bodacious Bombshells Burlesque Revue, the worst depression has been held at bay. Yet it’s been all I can do to focus on writing a novel.
With everything that’s happened, I’ve lost track of how many moons have passed while I’ve been stuck on a draft of Chapter 3. I’ve thought I was on the verge of finishing for it at least three months now, but every core character apparently wants to have their own book, and every ancillary character wants the same. I’d beat them back with a stick, but several of them might just enjoy that.

Now, at last I can say that this draft of this chapter is complete! Hooray, huzzah and about bloody time!
Now to slog through Chapter 4.

tgarden4web-master_nickOn second thought, I shall shoot for a positive thought. Let it not be a slog! Let the writing speed along its wicked way on the wings of a sex-starved succubus! The outside world can hold its breath. It’s long past time for a wild ride on the dreamer’s side!

Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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