How To Save Your Art From Stagnation and Ruin – Part 2

 Master_Nick-succubusketch2Welcome back, dear artist!

 As not just an artist myself but an impatient hedonist, it may seem odd that I’d preach delaying gratification, yet in this case I must. So continued from yesterday, here’s another reason why I recommend saving your call for applause ’till the end of a project.

 2. Premature praise can kill creativity.

 Master_Nick-succubusTempYou brain gets the same good feeling from describing the work you intend to do as it does from actually accomplishing something. Thus your mind tricks you out of doing your work, ’cause part of you believes that it’s already done.

 But say that your unfinished work is just developed enough that you actually get your applause fix when you show off your sketch. Now an even bigger part of your mind believes it’s already complete. So put in however many hours your project needs before showing it off.

 And some of that time better go toward protecting your work in ways I shall impart tomorrow.

Stay tuned!

Master Nick Roberts © 2013
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