How To Avoid 4 D’s That Can Doom Your Art Show – Part 1

blackradio2011sept-by_kendaruGreetings, dear artist!

So, you’ve produced a body of work, and now you seek to show the fruits of your labor. But where?

With a not but a few exceptions, I bypassed the standard galleries. For many a long year, I’ve regularly displayed prints of my paintings, illustrations and photography at dance clubs. Do not follow in my footsteps! While I appreciate having the space to exhibit my work, such venues are not the optimum spot for an art exhibition. Time and again I’ve encountered four dreaded D’s, each and every one an artist’s enemy.

Today, we shall peer into…


Dance clubs operate under the assumption that if their most shallow attendees were to get a good look at who they might wake up next to come morning, they’d flee before purchasing their beer goggles. Thus the lights inside the venue are largely decorative. The only pool of somewhat edifying illumination lurks about the bartender’s station. Rarely is there light tailored for an art display.

I bring my own lights and find that doing so to be a colossal pain the ass. They break easily. They are either woefully inadequate or blinding in an otherwise dark environment. I’ve taken to handing little flashlights to those who might sample my wares. About half the time, they decline the light, believing that they can see just fine. Even with my preternaturally sharp vision, much of the painstaking detail in my work disappears in dim light, but there is absolutely no point in trying to contradict Mister Myopia’s denial.

Alas, vision is not the only sensory perception diminished by the dance clubs.

Tune in again tomorrow for more!

Master Nick Roberts © 2013
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