How To Avoid 4 D’s That Can Doom Your Art Show – Part 2

Master_Nick-gramophone Welcome back, dear artist!

Yesterday, we covered the simple, tragic fact that most dance clubs are too dark to effectively showcase your art. But there is another danger.


People apparently want their music so loud as to blot out all thought, as well as their capacity to ever hear anything ever again. DJs supply that deafness with a smile.

Master_Nick-jan13reverence My hearing was never quite clear. It’s not that I can’t hear a voice when someone is speaking to me. It’s just that my brain receives the information as unintelligible. Very few employ hard consonants, but even given proper enunciation, if there’s any background noise at all, my brain refuses to filter it out in favor of the spoken word. It all becomes part of the same jumble. Add to this difficulty years of thumping bass and squealing feedback, then count how many times I have to respond to every word with, “WHAT?”

People often want to connect with an artist, to talk and get to know the mind behind the work. It’s not going to happen if all you can do is smile and nod at what you only pretend to hear.

Even if you’re stationed one room away from the pounding bass, any potential patrons may still be incomprehensible for the simple reason of being intoxicated.

We’ll have more on the dangers of the drunk tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Master Nick Roberts
© 2013
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