How To Avoid 4 D’s That Can Doom Your Art Show – Part 4

master_nick-facescreen2013Welcome once again, dear artist, to a look at the four D’s that can spoil your art exhibitions at dance clubs. Previously, we’ve covered darkness, deafness and drunks. The latter may spill drinks on your work, but there are still many other kinds of…


 Every time you pack, transport, set up, take down, repack and once again transport your art, you risk it becoming dropped, scratched, gouged, and worse. Such potential peril is a necessary evil if anyone is ever going to see your work, but it can be mitigated wisely. If you’re having a month-long show at a gallery, your works suffer wear and tear only at thirty day intervals. If, on the other hand, you have single night shows at dance clubs, you multiply the risk by however many exhibitions you can book.

Stubborn creature that I am, I have at least six club shows this month. I could easily have eight or more, but I do learn (slowly) from my mistakes. ‘Tis my hope that you can also learn from my mistakes, and remember that dance clubs are for dancing. Art galleries are for art!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s word of my next exhibition at Club Reverence!

Master Nick Roberts © 2013
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