Modeling Tip 1

Master_Nick-CrucitrixI’ve worked for years painting canvas after canvas, often working from photographic reference, employing shots I’ve snapped of many different models. Certain challenges come up time and again, on both sides of the camera. This week, I’ll share a few tips to bear in mind if you ever intend to model.

(For our purposes, the artist/photographer will be known as he and the model as she, as I write from my own experience. However, these hints apply regardless of the gender or either party.)

the-box-master-nick• Stand tall and proud.

A model is not just someone who poses for art or ads. A model plays the part of an almost superhuman ideal. Whatever the project’s motif, you are the very embodiment that theme. You play the part of a goddess, so stand tall!

Proper posture is vital to modeling. Remember it. Practice it. Live it. Even when seated, keep your chin up, chest out, and roll back your shoulders. If your head is down or shoulders slumped, you will not only look tired and sad but you will most likely cut yourself off from the lights, camera and artist’s eye.

Of course, there will be exceptions. A project’s theme may be something downcast, like heartbreak or degradation. If so, the artist/photographer will tell you. Otherwise, unless specifically directed, proud poses should be your default.

Being mindful of posture does not mean that you must keep your body stiff. Unless instructed to hold a specific pose, keep it loose and fluid. You can make lifting the chin and rolling back the shoulders part of your flow.

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Master Nick Roberts © 2013

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