Modeling Tip 2

kneelb4theserpent-nick4webYesterday, we covered three vital directives that every model must bear in mind. Keep the chin up, chest out, and roll back the shoulders. Unless otherwise directed, stand tall!

Yet conveying a sense of pride is not the only thing to know about the art of modeling.

An aspiring model may happen to have the physical proportions favored by current ideals of beauty. In a biz largely dictated by appearance, that’s a start, but it’s not everything. Because you’re reading this, I assume that you don’t feel automatically entitled to success merely for having won that particular genetic lottery. You want to know what skills you can develop to go further in your career. There are indeed steps you can take.

master_nick_silent-jill• Study and Practice!

Study other models and practice their moves, their makeup, hair, everything! Not every element may work for you, but you can select those that do. Don’t limit your studies or your work to just one sub-genre. For example, draw not just from fashion or glamour but from alternative, pin-up, fine art nudes, etc. Build a wide repertoire of poses and looks, so that when you appear before a painter or photographer, you have more to offer.

(One side note: Stretching exercises, especially yoga, will help your balance, breathing, and give you much greater flexibility. This will be good not only for your health but for your modeling career as well.)

I’ll have more tips tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Master Nick Roberts © 2013

Featured Model of the Day: Artemis

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