Modeling Tip 3

Master_Nick-bbbr-Gore_JussIn yesterday’s entry, we began with the premise that you, dear model, have the particular proportions favored by glamour mags. But what if you don’t? Then put down those slick, Photoshopped images, explore more of the world’s wonderful diversity, and…

• Know thyself.
Love thyself.

No, I’m not trying to exacerbate the inflated ego of the stereotypically conceited model. I am countering the voice of doubt. Perhaps you’ve compared yourself to the structurally unsound shape of a Barbie doll, and thus imagine yourself unsuitable for modeling.
Let’s say that you don’t have the skinny teenage look that rules so many runways. Don’t despair, nor starve yourself, nor become addicted to plastic surgery! Yes, fashion modeling is like modern Hollywood in that people are cast at least as much for particular looks as for talent, but there are many, many other modeling genres. For example, if you’re curvaceous, perhaps retro work, like burlesque or 50’s pin-up may be your niche.

Mae-West-Quotes-5I’ll give you another example. The late, great Mae West was a voluptuous star at a time when boyish flapper girls were all the rage. Rather than force herself to fit the current trend, she dressed in the style of an earlier era, one that fit her form. She owned her look and made it work for her!

Master_Nick-ThanatrixContrariwise, say that your bosom isn’t so large as you’d like. Again, do NOT resort to surgery! Real breasts, whatever the size, are better than fake. They’re far less expensive, and carry far less health risks.

Perhaps you’d like to explore nude modeling, but fear that no one would want to see your unclad body. You can take my word for it – Many people do want to see all of you, specifically for your particular build. It’s true that there are judgmental people out there, but don’t let their hate rule you! Assholes are not the majority – they only sound like it because they make such a fuss. ‘Tis perfectly justified to ignore the jibes of any guy who has a “No Fat Chicks” T-shirt stretched across a beer gut.

Pay no heed to your detractors and their narrow views. There is a market for every size and shape. Seek, and you will find!

I’ll have more tips tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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Featured Models of the Day: Georgette Von Gore-Juss, Mae West and Daedra Bubblegum

Photography by
Master Nick Roberts
© 2013
(except for the Mae West pic, obviously.)

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